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Rossy de Palma in town!

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We have had some crazy days, with 2 gorgeous divas in town, preparing for the AW12 show. No time for blogging then… Here is a pic from our small rendez-vous the night before the show. Rossy de Palma just arrived to her hotel room at Berns and we all had dinner in their Asian restaurant.

Charlie Caper, magician, to the left, Jewels Good next to him, then you have Rossy and finally - me. I don't show many pics of myself here, so take your chance and enjoy ;) On the other side of the table we had my sisters and fellow designers, our choreographer Jon, brilliant Tess from the office and Jess Love, artist.

Charlie coached Rossy and Jewels in learning the magic tricks (!) that we incorporated in the fashion show. Could not tell you this before the show, would have ruined the surprise…

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1 day before the show

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Oh my - Jewels Good in the champagne leather shorts with hand-pleated braids, and the delicate hat made by Malinda and inspired by the Russian stone

Of course, the shoes are made in the same leather as the shorts.

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No turning back

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One day before the show! Seeing the clothes all packed up to go to Berns, for the AW12 show, gives a sense of no turning back. Thinking about all things that can go wrong, realizing it's less than half an hour left before showtime, gulp.

Countdown; 4 days left to the AW12 show

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Today we met with our models and our stylist Oscar Lange and his assistant Josefine. Our change of silhouette from cocoon to long A-shape will be clearly visible on the show. Also, we have created the first thin heel silhouette shoe we truly love. It is not buy buy wedges, but helloooo sleek heel. Here is Oscar trying on a dress at Agnes.

And Tess, who his handling all logistics on the show, smirking behind her heavy notebook with all the to-do lists. To the left, our lovely intern Judith.

And where Tess is, there is not seldom a Coke light…

Countdown; 5 days left to the AW12 show

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Friday Skype evening meeting with Beautiful Jewels and Rossy de Palma, finalizing the show layout for Wednesday.

Remember - until Monday at 6 pm you can take part of the competition where you can win 2 tickets to the show.

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Show display at PUB

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PUB has a really nice set of display windows right now, showing their 4 favorite Swedish labels, and our inspiration for the SS12 collection. In our window you can see our theme movie for this season, the golden triangle we used for the show, and the sand (natural and colored) used for the shoot of the shoes. So have a stroll past PUB - looks really nice.

Note the colored sand…

SS12 Collection is live

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Shooting the AW12 webshop pics

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Mathias Sterner preparing to shoot 70 of the garments for our autumn webshop… If you are a buyer, you can see the pictures Monday already, just e-mail for a log in. All webshop pics are shot in our old studio in the office.

Countdown; 6 days left to the AW12 show

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Today, we confirm the final models for the show. Who will it be? If you win the ticket to the show, you will see the answer live on Wednesday, 12.00.

Countdown; 7 days left to the AW12 show

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Today we met with Goran Kajfes, our all-time favorite musician. Here are some tracks we listened to, will they be in the show?
03 03 On the Green Tape by user9669008
10 10 How to Behave in Elevators by user9669008
Maybe, maybe not. If you win the ticket you will be the first to find out.

Win ticket to the AW12 show

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Do you want to come and see our AW12 show, Wednesday next week at 12.00? We are offering one ticket, valid for you + 1 in this rare competition.

What you need to do; sign up for our newsletter AND e-mail us a suggestion of something you would like to be able to buy through our webshop in the future. You e-mail your suggestion to

AW12 invite

The winner will be shown here at the blog, with a picture from the show, and the wish will be presented as well. And who know - the wish might be granted.

Good luck!

Countdown, 9 days left

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Today, I will be working on rounding up our press contacts. We are offering some of them exclusive rights to interview our amazing artists for this upcoming show. We already presented Jewels Good as taking part of the show, and ta-da, amazingly enough this is our second artist; Rossy de Palma!

Rossy with Christian Louboutin.

We have adored this fascinating spanish actress and her very personal beauty for a long, long time. And now, she will soon land in petite Suede. This is easily the best part about our job, to meet these inspiring people - when Jewels told us Rossy was available for the show, I weren't sure I even heard right. Not until a few hours later it really sunk in. Rossy is exactly what Minimarket want to inspire other women to be; proud, strong and playful. Love, love, love.

Countdown,12 days left

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Today we briefed the hair and make-up team on what to try tomorrow, when making a test version of the hair & make-up for the AW12 show. We are referring quite a lot to this inspirational picture.

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Presenting one of our artists

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Presenting gorgeous Jewels Good - a multitalented artist who will be in our AW12 show. What she will do? Oh, wait and see, just wait and see.

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Countdown, 13 days left

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Today the invite for the show was sent. We used this stunning picture of Julia/Elite Models, photographed by our all-time favorite Peter Gehrke/Adamsky.

No photoshop here, all angles taken in one click.

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Countdown, 14 days left

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Today we met with Malinda Damgaard, a modist who we will work with on hats for the show. She will make hats for both models and artists (!). Malinda previously made hats for Lady Gaga, Alexander McQueen and Valentino but also Swedish Lars Wallin.

We had a look at a very interesting shaped stone Malinda brought from her grandmother in Russia. This will definitely effect the shape of the hats for the models.

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Countdown; 15 days left to show

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We are rounding up the team for the show, finalizing all ideas. Today, we had the stylist, Oscar Lange in the office. He had a first look at the collection, and we talked him through the layout of the show. The wonderful thing about Oscar is that he is creative AND structured. A very rare combination… Also, we seem to have the same sense of humor.

Pernilla discussing looks with Oscar.

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Backstage on AW12 shoot

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Pheeew, just arrived home after shooting AW12 with Peter Gehrke, 123, Ignacio Alonso and Emelie Johansson. Can't show you any clothing yet, but here are some pics from backstage.

Should we use a wig?

No, let's create something of the models' hair.

One down, one to go.

Black faces, to create an illusion in a short movie we made in between stills. The finished result will be shown here in a few weeks.

Setting the light.


Thank you Elle, great party!

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My first time out since having my baby girl in May… Great night, thanks Elle!

Pernilla in Jacket Jago, from SS12.

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Getting ready for the Elle awards

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So now it's that time of the year… Wearing a sequin blazer from AW12 (!), and the chiffon jumpsuit from SS12. Choosing between my favourite vintage rings.

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SS12 at Åhléns, Samsoe Samsoe and Aplace

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Our SS12 collection is being delivered to our retailers. Åhléns City, Samsoe Samsoe in Denmark and Aplace are the first to display SS12. So don't be fooled by SALE signs, the new stuff has already arrived!

This dress is to be found in Åhléns and Samsoe Samsoe. It is one of the most sought after styles this season.

The trench, a repeat of the trench-success from last spring, can be bought now at both Åhléns and Samsoe Samsoe.

This skirt, with a knot in front, can be found at Aplace, Åhléns and Samsoe. The jacket is one of the few products we did not produce from this season. Guess who owns this sample? Hehe…

And both these pants in various colors…

And for all newsletter readers; next week you will be able to shop some SS12 styles before anyone else. Invite coming up. Not connected to the newsletter yet - join today!

Working 9-5 (NOT)

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We are working late every day now, preparing the AW12 show and I have not had time to blog properly because of this. I wanted to tell you my fav places in Palma (I had some vacation before throwing myself into this workload) and to let you know more about what I am doing when working on the show. But alas, this has not happened. I am beating myself up about it and will make amends for it. But hey, look at this gorgeous face. Recognize her? There will be more to come about her, another fabulous diva and our upcoming events here shortly…

Did you notice

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That the sale went up on some products in the webshop?

Getting ready for AW12

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Just booked the studio for shooting AW12. This is a picture from the previous shoot, Della testing the light :)

Happy New Year!!!

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Wishing you a happy New Year from the minimarketeers!

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