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  • Minimarket studio är en trio bestående av Sofie, Pernilla och Jennifer Elvestedt. Studion formger både den egna klädkollektionen Minimarket och åt externa partners. Minimarket Studio tar in uppdrag inom printdesign, färgsättning och formgivning både inom mode och övrig industridesign. Exempel på uppdragsgivare är Rörstrands, NK, Åhlens, Weekday, Moderna Museet, Rizzo, Alcro, och Quicksilver. Förfrågningar om samarbete skickas till sofie@minimarket.se


    2017 släpptes Minimarkets första serie porslin och inredningsaccessoarer för Rörstrands. Inblicken i en annan typ av produktion gav Minimarket mersmak och man har nu tagit på sig fler uppdrag utanför modevärlden. Serien säljs hos Rörstrands återförsäljare, samt i egna butiker. I december 2017 öppnade Rörstrands sin nya flagship store på Kungsgatan 1.


    Minimarkets kollektioner lanseras i begränsad upplaga var åttonde vecka. När du hittar ett plagg från Minimarket kan du se på tvättrådet hur många som producerats och veta att det inte fylls på med fler. Minimarket producerar alltid inom Europa, med exklusiva tyger köpta från Italien, Frankrike, Tyskland, England och Portugal. Minimarket har klätt bl a Alicia Vikander, Hedda Stiernstedt och Jehnny Beth/Savages Band. I sina modevisningar har man samarbetat med artister som Pedro Almodovars musa Rossy De Palma, Jenny Wilson, Groovy Nicks och Arvida Byström.



    Minimarket studio is a trio consisting of Sofie, Pernilla and Jennifer Elvestedt. The studio designs both their own fashion collection Minimarket and collaborates with external partners.

    Minimarket Studio collaborates with print design, coloring and design in both fashion and other industries. Examples of external partners include Rörstrands, NK, Åhlens, Weekday, Moderna Museet, Rizzo, Alcro and Quicksilver. Requests for collaborations are sent to sofie@minimarket.se


    In 2017, Minimarket launched their first series of porcelain and interior accessories for Rörstrand. Insight into another type of product gave Minimarket a wider knowledge, and now more assignments have been taken outside the fashion world. The series is sold at Rörstrands stockist, as well as their own stores. In December 2017, Rörstrands opened its new flagship store on Kungsgatan 1.


    Minimarkets collection is released in limited edition every eight weeks. When you buy a Minimarket garment, you can look at the care label and see how many are produced. Minimarket produces all garments within Europe, using exclusive fabrics purchased from Italy, France, Germany, England and Portugal. Minimarket has dressed Alicia Vikander, Hedda Stiernstedt and Jehnny Beth / Savages Band. In their fashion shows Minimarker has collaborated with artists such as Pedro Almodovar’s muse Rossy De Palma, Jenny Wilson, Groovy Nicks and Arvida Byström.


    Shortly after establishing the brand, Minimarket was awarded with the H&M Best Newcomer of the Year Award 2007, and then the Best Designer of the Year Award by Elle Magazine 2010. Minimarket has also been nominated twice for Guldknappen by Damernas Värld, and to Danish Ginen.


    An sprawling mix of references is very typical for Minimarket’s collection themes. The label’s hallmark is its range of bold, vibrant prints that are created each season in house. A modern, fun approach to accessories has also helped cement Minimarket’s reputation internationally as one of Sweden’s most promising labels. All pieces of the collections are produced exclusively in Europe.

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    At Minimarket the concept of responsibility is a reoccurring theme amongst our production and sourcing ethics.

    Made in Europe
    We produce everything within Europe, and the factories we work with ensure a trustworthy environment for the creation of our clothes. We are proud to have worked with many of our factories since our start in 2006. Being in near distance to our suppliers, we maintain a close relationship with all people involved in our making of garments. Also, it limits our transport distance. To us, slow fashion is the future, therefore our products are made to last, in production ethics, quality and design.

    Toxic free coloring and recycled fibers
    Continuosly in our collections, we include our super soft cupro and tencel. Cupro is made of fibers left over from cotton production. Our cupro is dyed with non-chemical colorings and is certified toxic free. Tencel is a fiber produced from fast-growing, planted trees like Eucalyptus. When producing tencel, we also make use of recycled fibers.

    Suppliers with the same state of mind
    We source our fabrics from Italy, France and the UK, from suppliers that also take sustainability seriously. Each season we spend a lot of time to create prints linked to the theme, sometimes together with artists and illustrators. We are glad to have found a printing supplier who also appreciates the concept of responsibiliy. Here is some info on this supplier’s social activity plan, described by themselves;

    A company exists and produces better in a world where dignity at work is extended to the less fortunate classes.
    There are two types of interventions that characterize our commitment to the third world: humanitarian and entrepreneurial. Humanitarian aid is reflected in practical interventions to ease food emergencies, operations in the health field, and social and educational assistance. With regards to the entrepreneurial aspect, we contribute in creating professional initiatives in developing countries, incurring expenditure for the purchase of equipment, machinery, and material and involving technicians who are able to start up production processes within a community. Aid also consists in professional training courses and work introduction. We have contributed in fulfilling many projects in the following countries;
    Africa: Benin, Burundi, Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lesotho, Mali, Central African Republic, Somalia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia.
    Latin America: Argentina and Brazil.

    Climate compensation
    Our responsibility does not end with the product but continues with the way that we make sure they reach you. All international orders, to both stores and webshop customers are sent with UPS, and we compensate the climate impact of each shipment.